My son Tobias and I, have spent most of last year and this year filming a variety of different animals for a big series for BBC Worldwide in the Mara. It involved developing stories and filming interactions between many of the different characters including all the big cats, elephants, mongooses, baboons, amongst a host of many other animals. Our time based at Governors camps was an absolute joy and we were extremely well looked after by the Governors team. The question is, where else in the world would a father and son wish to film wildlife together than right slap bang in the middle of the Musiara marsh in the Masai Mara? It has been a very fulfilling experience and one that I hope my son will always remeber and one day be able to share with his children!

Recently, we were again involved in another film project in the Masai Mara based at Main Governors Camps. I was working with my son Tobias, filming Lions and Hyeanas fighting – forever Eternal enemies!! We used a Canon ME 20 camera to shoot the night sequences and had a spotter car supplied by Governors camps that operated as our lighting car. The ME 20 is an amazing low light camera, capable of shooting at 4 million ISO. The nights were long and cold, but we managed to film some incredible interaction between the two super predators, the battles being fought and won on both sides.

We also filmed for BBC in the Samburu National Reserve. We were based at Samburu Lodge which while we were there almost got washed away by the raging torrent of a flooding Ewaso Nyiro river. Many other camps in the reserve were not so lucky and ended up succumbing to the waves of water and silt. Fortunately, our lodge only had the river rooms flooded, and we were able to vacate to higher rooms in time. We were very fortunate to be able to find and film a new born baby elephant and document its first day on earth. This was very exciting for us all and for the rest of the herd who already had a 4 day old calf with them. I have to admit that filming baby elephants is probably one of my most favorite subjects to work with, as they are such endearing little creatures. I was kitted out with a red epic camera and fitted to it was the new Canon 20N 50 – 1000mm lens and its worth about $75,000! What an impressive zoom range this lens has and the optics are superb! It makes all the difference to us as cameraman, we get the right tools we deliver the best footage.

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