Africa’s seven natural wonders – have you been to this one?

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I was very fortunate enough to lead a safari to Botswana in 2018 in conjunction with Africa Exclusive, which was very interesting as I got to see a new wildlife area and its unique geology. The Okavango Delta is one of the largest inland deltas in the world, spanning 17,000 km – an area almost the size of Wales. The Delta has been named as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. It was a gem of a destination to go to from a photographer’s point of view, and those of you who joined me on this trip, I am sure would agree.

The rich warm colours of the sunrises and sunsets are extraordinarily beautiful. Large herds of Elephants, outstanding viewings of wild dogs hunting, leopards jumping in and out of trees, as well as exhilarating helicopter scenic flights over the Delta, were all but a few of the many attractions that make this area one of Africa’s premiere wildlife destinations! The bird life both in the woodlands and out on the waterways was truly impressive and certainly the area aspires to be one of the greatest bird watcher’s paradises in Africa.

One of the other highlights of this trip was tracking a pair of legendary black maned Kalahari Lions using Bushmen trackers. The Bushmen are an amazing people and their knowledge of the bush is truly remarkable. We found the lions at sunset and were fortunate enough to have two very large male lions roaring right next to our vehicles giving us a very real close-up view of these magnificent beasts.

The lodges and camps that we stayed at were very comfortable and well-appointed, and the food was exceptionally delicious! I will definitely want to go back there and I highly recommend a safari there to any of you who have not yet been!

November, right at the end of the dry season, is when grasses are at their lowest, foliage at its thinnest and wildlife is most densely congregated in the vicinity of permanent water sources.

There will be a range of other game viewing activities such as mokoro canoe trips and walking safaris. From the water it is possible to take unique photographs that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to from a vehicle.

I look forward to seeing you in Botswana for our exciting safari in 2025!

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