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Botswana is one of the finest countries on the African continent for a photographic safari. Pristine wilderness, diverse ecosystems and vast expanses of privately-owned African wilderness make for one of the most authentic and exclusive safari experiences imaginable.

During our 11-night safari, we will explore three contrasting regions of Botswana, from the glistening waterways and palm-fringed islands of the Okavango Delta to the vast open plains of the Linyanti and the semi-arid desert wilderness of the Kalahari. Spectacular scenery forms the backdrop for plentiful wildlife sightings and even some cultural photographic opportunities with the San Bushmen of the Kalahari.

To contrast the trip I enjoyed with guests in June, I decided to plan the trip for early November, right at the end of the dry season, when grasses are at their lowest, foliage at its thinnest and wildlife is most densely congregated in the vicinity of permanent water sources. The Linyanti, in particular, will see herds of elephant in their thousands amassed near to the Chobe River, Khwai will be brimming with big cats and the photographic hide overlooking the waterhole in the desert at Dinaka should see plenty of action! Pushing this just into November also has the happy advantage of avoiding the peak season prices in Botswana.

Being a photographic safari, game drives will of course be the focus throughout the trip though there will be the option to intersperse this with a range of other game viewing activities such as mokoro canoe trips and walking safaris. From the water it is possible to take unique photographs that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to from a vehicle. Being poled along just inches from the water in a mokoro canoe in the middle of the delta will provide a fresh perspective from which to take photographs. Imagine gliding silently through the water as a family of elephant crosses the water in front of you or an African Fish Eagle swoops in to take fish from the surface. The diversity on offer will only serve to enhance the experience.

Throughout the itinerary our group of six will enjoy game drives in two private vehicles, ensuring that everyone has ample space and flexibility to best cater to our photographic needs. All vehicles will be equipped with secure camera platforms, large bean bags and sling harnesses. One vehicle will be driven by a camp guide though always staying in close proximity to each other. Who sits where is flexible on each game drive so you can all interchange as you prefer to give everyone an equal amount of time with me. It will also be beneficial to have an experienced local guide at each location in terms of knowing the terrain intimately and being aware of the particular animals and their habits and favourite haunts, (big cats in particular), that have their territories in the area. These are superb safari camps and the expert guides are very used to satisfying the needs of both keen amateur photographers and professional photographers and we will enjoy the company of their most experienced photographic guide at each location. LCD projectors and screens will be set up in a special private area at the camps for review and editing sessions in the afternoons.

The luggage allowance on light aircraft flights in Botswana is 20 kgs per person, including hand luggage, however I have included an additional seat on each flight to allow for camera equipment.

Spaces on this trip are limited, with a maximum of six guests able to join the group. Should you have a need to take a larger group you often travel with and/or require a private trip at a different time of year, then it is also possible that we can organise another very similar trip at an alternative time, tailored to your requirements.

I look forward to seeing you in Botswana!

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