Maasai Mara

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A 1,500 square kilometer ecosystem of unequal biodiversity, known to many intrepid travelers to Africa as “The Kingdom of the Big Cats”, and famous for hosting the BBCs’ Big Cat Diary film crews for the last 12 years. Nowhere else in Africa can one get as close up and personal to a running cheetah, a stealthy leopard or a stalking lion.

The Mara is also a valuable dry season grazing refuge for the Great Wildebeest Migration estimated at 1.5 million animals, which arrives here in early August every year from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. August through to October, the Mara hosts a plethora of wild animals, many of which will cross the Mara river and risk drowning in its raging torrents, or the iminent threat of capture and certain death in the jaws of hungry Giant Nile crocodiles.

The Mara also hosts a large number of resident animals such as elephant, buffalo, topi, eland, and the rare black rhino which are now being observed on a regular basis.

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