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Within the dry and semi-arid expanse of northern Kenya, is situated the Samburu/Buffalo Springs National reserves, with the Ewaso Nyiro River meandering through the middle and dividing the two reserves. The Ewaso Nyiro river is the lifeline for the ecosystem and supports a jewel of rich fauna and flora along its riverbanks.

The area is a haven for well over 450 species of birds and a bird watchers paradise. It is also one of the few sanctuaries left in Northern Kenya that large herds of elephants reside. The area supports just over a 1,000 elephants and at certain times of the year the herds can be seen congregating on the sandy beaches alongside the river, in a complex social interweave of family groups. It is at these “Beach Parties”, that the older and larger elephant bulls in full hormonal musth, search out cows in oestrus, and challenge one another in titanic battles of ivory upon ivory.

The area is well-known for the many TV documentaries filmed about the elephants and their unique behaviour. This was done in conjunction with the “Save The Elephants” team of researchers and scientists based there.

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