Kenyan Coast

Idyllic expanses of soft white sand and palm tree forests, warm turquoise colored seas with coral reefs full of tropical fish.

The Kenyan Coast, arguably has some of the best hotels and fishing resorts on the Indian Ocean. Watamu is situated 80 kms to the north of Mombasa – Kenya’s largest port and second largest city. Watamu boasts the 7th best beach in the world, according to “The Sunday Times” published at the millennium. The coconut palm fringed, white sandy beach is protected by a large coral reef. The reef is one of Kenya’s showcase marine national parks and boasts a myriad of beautiful coral gardens and colorful reef fish.

5 kms south of the Watamu fishing village is Mida Creek. The creek is one of the largest inland tidal waters on the coast, surrounded by mangrove forests and is an important pelagic fish nursery. It is also the breeding and nesting area for many birds, among them are many migrants species that are regularly observed on the creek’s tidal flats.

On the landward side of Watamu is the Arabuko/Sokoke forest. This is one of the few remaining natural forests in the area and is host to many rare birds, elephant shrews and herds of Elephants.

Just 20 kms to the north of Watamu is Malindi, a small town steeped in both early Portuguese and Arab history. Malindi is a melting pot of Arab, Swahili, Indian and European cultures. Its harbour is filled with both old world Arab fishing dhows and modern deep-sea sport fishing boats. Malindi too, boasts a popular Marine reserve with beautiful white beaches.

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