Laikipia is like nowhere else in Africa. The area features miles and miles of unfenced wilderness, interwoven into a mosaic of beautiful scenery and ancient geological landscapes.

Laikipia is like nowhere else in Africa. It is a fully functional ecosystem of miles and miles of unfenced wilderness, and beautiful pristine scenery. The area boasts a wonderful variable landscape consisting of rocky outcrops and escarpments, palm fringed rivers, open plains and acacia woodland.  The wildlife of Laikipia is on the increase and in greater numbers than almost anywhere else in Africa.

This unique wilderness area is situated right on the equator and has an almost perfect climate of warm sunny days and cool starlit nights.  Here, one has the freedom to explore this haven in any, which way you can imagine.
This wonderful wilderness area harbors the second largest elephant population in Kenya, and is home to the biggest population of the rare and endangered African wild dogs. The Laikipia region is lucky to have the fastest growing population of wild dogs in Africa. In addition, it hosts every other conceivable large and small predator including the seldom seen Striped Hyena. The area is fantastic for big numbers of the rare Reticulated Giraffe, Hippo, Grevy’s zebra (only 3000 left in the world), Leopard, Lion, Spotted Hyenas, and over 280 species of birds. The reserve allows you to enjoy the freedom of game drives in open vehicles both during the day and at night; the perfect time to observe unusual nocturnal wildlife such as Aardwolf, Caracal, Serval, and Honey Badgers..etc


Oct 27th – Nov 6th 2018



Cost per persons sharing in a double room (entire safari): From USD 8,960
Optional: Single room supplement – Additional Extra cost: From USD 1,150

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