Andrew & Margaret Melhuish

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During the last 12 years I have been on several safaris with Warren: mostly in the Mara but also in Samburu, Laikipia and the Serengeti. Every trip has been a total success. Back in 2004 he was already a very well-known cameraman – an integral part of Big Cat Diary, the programme which lit up my own love of the Mara. At that time I was the proud owner of a Canon 10 D! Equipment has improved considerably during the intervening years – but so far as the ability of Warren’s incredible eyes to sight potential subjects and then to find the best possible place to observe the subsequent action, nothing has changed! He really has remarkable skills – based on his long experience of African wildlife, his driving skills, his relaxed and friendly personality and his many, well-informed contacts. All our trips have proved exciting and trouble-free. I do believe that luck is the residue of careful planning and certainly our time with Warren has illustrated that well. He has a particular love of Samburu, a quite beautiful Park, and our recent trip there was memorable. When his team have been in charge of all our planning they have always been very thorough and have chosen appropriate lodges. We feel we have been extremely privileged to have shared his wonderful knowledge and enthusiasm on so many occasions.

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