Kat & Eric D’dios

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As avid wildlife photographers we were drawn to Wild Vision Adventures for our 2023 trip to Kenya with the primary mission of locating and photographing the few remaining big Tuskers. Heather, Warren and Peter worked closely with us to plan the perfect trip which included four different conservancies within the Amboseli ecosystem to maximize our chances. Traveling with Warren was more than we expected. His knowledge of wildlife, the land, language and of course photography, was only eclipsed by his passion and enthusiasm. Mission success, our expectations were exceeded, not only did we find our Tuskers, but experienced magnificent vistas, the many species of wildlife, and the wonderful Kenyan culture and hospitality. We got some amazing photographs and established a great friendship with Warren and Heather. We can’t recommend Wild Vision Adventures enough and look forward to traveling with them again later this year as well as for years to come.

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