Simon & Susie Kelly

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In October 2015 Warren took us to Laikipia Wilderness Camp in Northern Kenya. This camp is run like a family home to which we were welcomed as guests of the family. The main attraction here was the pack of wild dogs that we were fortunate to see on every day of our visit. This was made possible by the fact that they are the subject of a special study and one of them wears a GPS collar so it was possible to track them down. It was lovely to see the pack at rest and we were able to get ground-level photos, eye to eye with some of the adults, and great pictures of the puppies playing. Eventually at some signal from the adults the whole pack moved off to hunt and we were treated to the fabulous sight of the dogs streaming off at top speed, nose to tail, in search of a kill. We also had good sightings of elephants bathing in the dam and quite a lot of Giraffe plucking up the courage to come down to the waters edge to drink. Herds of Zebra and sightings of lion too. We then moved on eastward to the Elephant Bedroom Camp in Samburu. The main attraction here was of course the elephants and as the camp has no fences we had elephants browsing on greenery within the camp itself. The rains were very late arriving last autumn so the bush was very dry and the grazing animals were beginning to show their ribs. This made them easy pickings for the big cats so we were treated to the sight of some very well fed lion, leopard and cheetah. At dusk one evening we were sitting close by an adult male lion who had decided to call in his family. His whole body acted as bellows to send his roars out across the darkening bush and pulsing vibrations through our bodies too, unforgettable. A very special sighting was of two adult female leopards hunting in the same area, mother and daughter successfully hunting independently. Our favourite photo was of the younger one, well-fed and relaxing high up on a branch with legs dangling and peering down at us curiously. A memorable encounter to stay with us till our next safari with Warren. He has become a very special friend who never fails to give us amazing memories to bring home and last us until the next time. Can’t wait, Warren!

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