Simon & Susie

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Indeed we are acquainted with Warren, and were pleased to meet Heather on our last visit to Kenya. We first met Warren in 2004 when he assisted an ‘Improve your wild life photography’ course. He was there for five days only as another engagement had him leaving early. Everybody on that trip fell in love, at least a little, with him! Seeing him again last year was like meeting up with a lifelong friend. His devotion to and concern for the wildlife of his country is overwhelming. His treatment of all of the visitors in his care is equal and unstinting. Those with an economy ‘point and click’ device were treated with the same respect and attention as those with more professional equipment and some experience. Sorry it’s taken a while, the experience lingers and gets one drifting back there, even after eight years! Maybe we will meet there some day. Best wishes.

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