We travelled to the Masai Mara with Warren in 2011 and came back with huge smiles on our faces and a crop of incredibly rich memories. Warren was an amazing guide to the wonders of African wildlife – not just because of his unrivalled knowledge (and his patience and guidance in helping us to achieve some amazing photographic results) but because of his highly contagious passion and enthusiasm. Most importantly, his approachability and friendliness made our time in the Mara far more than just another safari trip but connected us with the lives of the animals in a way that we could never have expected to have experienced.

~ Drew Wegg & Maggie Kenny

If you love elephants this is the safari for you. We had a fantastic time. Firstly in Tsavo East, seeing the massive congregations of herds around the watering holes and looking for the “Big Tuskers” (and getting to know a bit about the great work Tsavo Trust does). Then on to Amboseli – getting in (close!) to the bulls at the watering hole at Elerai and then seeing the families of elephants in Amboseli itself – great shots of the lines of ellies through the shimmering heat and the dust. Warren – as always – you were invaluable in making sure not only that we saw everything we wanted but also that we were in exactly the right spot at the right time!

~ Victoria Peckett & Philip Ladmore

Thank you Warren for giving us an exceptional safari during the migration last August. My wife and I admired your knowledge and friendliness and can thoroughly recommend anyone wishing to photograph, observe or learn about the fabulous African wildlife to join you on any future safaris.

Best wishes

~ Donald Bradshaw OBE

“We have had the opportunity to be with Warren in 2 memorable trips to the Maasai Mara, and there can’t be anyone more skillful for interpreting predators’ behavior and anticipating the action in order to be in the best spot for taking the best shots of it, and also taking in consideration important photography aspects like the lighting, the background and so on. Warren also can tell a lot about all variety of wildlife found there and, after so many years in the field as a wildlife cameraman, he has always a good story to share when it is time to relax a bit. We recommend to our friends and to any photographer willing to go into a photographic safari to join Warren in one of his trips, and we look forward to be together again anytime soon.”

~ Cassio Lopes & Alessandra Santos

Steve’s and Annabel’s camp in Laikipia is first class. It was wonderful to be able to see the wild dog pack (and even feel part of it at some points!) and observing the early days of the pups was superb. Then on to Samburu to spend time with some of the calmest elephants I’ve ever met – with the added bonus of a leopard posing in the top of the tree in a beautiful sunset. So many memorable moments –ad with this being your “back yard”, Warren, you know exactly where we need to be to get the best photos almost, it seems, without even thinking about it!

~ Victoria Peckett & Philip Ladmore, London

In October 2015 Warren took us to Laikipia Wilderness Camp in Northern Kenya. This camp is run like a family home to which we were welcomed as guests of the family. The main attraction here was the pack of wild dogs that we were fortunate to see on every day of our visit. This was made possible by the fact that they are the subject of a special study and one of them wears a GPS collar so it was possible to track them down. It was lovely to see the pack at rest and we were able to get ground-level photos, eye to eye with some of the adults, and great pictures of the puppies playing. Eventually at some signal from the adults the whole pack moved off to hunt and we were treated to the fabulous sight of the dogs streaming off at top speed, nose to tail, in search of a kill. We also had good sightings of elephants bathing in the dam and quite a lot of Giraffe plucking up the courage to come down to the waters edge to drink. Herds of Zebra and sightings of lion too. We then moved on Eastward to the Elephant Bedroom Camp in Samburu.

The main attraction here was of course the elephants and as the camp has no fences we had elephants browsing on greenery within the camp itself. The rains were very late arriving last autumn so the bush was very dry and the grazing animals were beginning show their ribs. This made them easy pickings for the big cats so we were treated to the sight of some very well fed lion, leopard and cheetah. At dusk one evening we were sitting close by an adult male lion who had decided to call in his family. His whole body acted at bellows to send his roars out across the darkening bush and pulsing vibrations through our bodies too, unforgettable.

A very special sighting was of two adult female leopards hunting in the same area, mother and daughter successfully hunting independently. Our favourite photo was of the younger one, well fed and relaxing high up on a branch with legs dangling and peering down at us curiously. A memorable encounter to stay with us till our next safari with Warren. He has become a very special friend who never fails to give us amazing memories to bring home and last us until the next time. Can’t wait, Warren!

~ Simon & Susie Kelly

“I have travelled with Warren Samuels as my guide three times now and cannot overstate how much he elevates the experience beyond just a ‘normal’ safari. It is like being in first class after years of economy! His level of expertise, both in animal behaviour and also the needs of a serious photographer are unsurpassed and thanks to him, the quality of my images have leapt ahead of anything I ever dreamed I’d be able to achieve. If you want the best sightings, the best position and the best insights into the animals in front of you, then you want to be in a vehicle with Warren, simple as that. And the fact that he is also one of the nicest and most patient people you’ll ever come across makes him a total delight. Save up your pennies and travel with Warren!”

~ Margot Raggett

Warren is an exceptional wildlife professional. He inspires, he teaches but more than that he shares with you his experiences, his passion and his knowledge of these amazing creatures and how they live.

Our abiding memory is of Warren standing up in the safari truck shouting “go, go, go” as the Mara river crossing started. A first for us but how many times had he seen it? The passion was still there for all to see (and hear!).

To spend time with Warren is to understand the majesty of the animal kingdom and to realise that as individuals we can and should play our part in preserving this rich heritage.

We will be joining him on another safari experience as soon as we can!

~ Gina, Ian and Matt Botterill, Maidenhead, UK

Have been safaris in Tanzania, South Africa , Kenya and Namibia and can honestly say that we had a fantastic safari both times with Warren on the Mara. We had some fantastic experiences with him, sitting with families of lions a few yards away with him explaining all their differnt habits! We watched the Migration close at hand and he was happy to stay out all day with us if we so desired there was no time watching at all! My most wonderful memory was having a cheetah sitting on the vehicle bonnet only inches from me!

~ Johan Welch

I am delighted to write on behalf of Warren Samuels, who I have had the pleasure to go on safari with four times over a period of six years. Warren’s trips provide the opportunity to go to places like the Masai Mara in the company of someone who has a tangible knowledge, love and respect for the area and genuinely takes a lot of effort to make his client’s experience the trip of a lifetime. He utilises his knowledge of ethology and wildlife camera experience to provide the best possible photographic opportunities without compromising the comfort of the animals and constantly gives tips for cine and still photographers to improve their pictures. Add to this the entertainment he provides around the campfire in the evenings with his various stories and you have the perfect safari. If I am ever lucky enough to go back to the Mara again, I would choose to go with Warren.

Best wishes

~ Myra Kline